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“You Are About To Experience The Most Powerful, Mind Expanding, Transformative and Life Changing Seminars in the World”

Success Is Not A Matter Of Luck, Success Is A Science!


As Certified LifeSuccess Consultants, we can offer a range of programs in half-day, full day and two day formats for large or small groups, in-house corporate trainings, executive and personal retreats, conference halls, stadium keynotes and more.

We also offer customized and bespoke services to suit your personal and business needs. These will be created and tailor made for your specific requirements and objectives.

The Seminars

  • Create Awareness
  • Ignite Your Passion
  • Enable You to Discover and Maximize Your True Potential
  • Allow You to ‘Live’ Your Purpose, Vision and Dreams
  • Help You Achieve Outstanding Success and Fulfilment in Your Personal, Work, and Business Life.......Rapidly
  • Show You that Abundance is Your Birth Right


Businesses Of All Sizes, Including Corporate Businesses Experience

Higher levels of...

  • Performance
  • Productivity, Efficiency and Turnover
  • Sales, Profit and Cash flow
  • Quality of Service to Customers/Clients
  • Customer/Client Care, Satisfaction and Retention
  • Increasing Organizational and Employee Value
  • Successful Leadership Skills
  • Effective Team Building and Open Communication
  • Conflict Resolution and Change Management
  • Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Morale and Relationships
  • Stress Management, Health and Wellbeing
  • Alignment with Company’s Purpose, Vision and Goals


Be Captivated, Enthralled, Entertained and Informed

These Seminars are probably some of the Most Exciting and Inspirational seminars you are likely to attend...Ever!

Seminars delivered with the highest of Quality and Excellence

We promise these Seminars will be the very best-highest return on your investment...or your money back!

Based on the work of Master Success Coach, Mentor and Exceptional Communicator

  Bob Proctor from the hit movie ‘The Secret’ and ‘Beyond The Secret’


Bob Proctor’s message is dynamic and profound and makes a real impact. It is simple, clear and precise. Very easy to follow and understand. It is both motivational as well as educational. It is simply some of the best material on the planet!

Please peruse our best-selling seminars from the links below that best suits you or request for a customized program for your individual needs. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation meeting.

Each of these seminars is also expanded upon for our customized COACHING programs as well. Coaching can enhance the value and benefits generated by the seminar experience immensley as well as helping to further reinforce the knowledge and experience gained from the seminars and assures that a clear action plan is implemented so that your goals and desires are successfully achieved.

We offer flexible coaching programs, whether for small groups, departmental (i.e., your sales staff, your executive board), and even large-group coaching tailored to your specific needs.

Our customized coaching programs also allow us to work individually and closely with you, navigate from the menu for more info.


Are YOU Ready To Take Inspired Action Now?

The Born Rich Seminar is based on the premise that you have rich resources lying dormant within you, waiting to be developed, the development of those resources will cause the manifestation of prosperity in your material world...click here for more info


Want to achieve more in your life? The Goal Achiever Seminar is the most effective goal setting and goal achieving seminar in the world...
click here for more info


If you are a salesperson this is the one for you, the Mission In Commission Seminar has been designed for salespeople who have a sincere desire to improve their commissions...click here for more info


Being a winner is never by accident. Winning comes about by design, determination and positive action, the Winner’s Image Seminar gives you the complete plan for growing the Winner’s Image that will help you design and live any lifestyle you choose...click here for more info


What has been holding you back from living your dreams? The
Success Puzzle Seminar provides you with a step-by-step guide so that you can create the masterpiece of your life...click here for more info


Bespoke Programs
are designed and tailored in partnership with you to fit your organisation and focus specifically on your objectives and requirements...
click here for more info