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“Regardless Of How Your Life May Presently Appear To You, You Were Truly Born Rich!”


"Born Rich is the best life-enhaching program I've ever come across. It truly is the only program you will ever really need to become a better person, make more money, get the most out of your relatonships and be the best human being that you can be. I would be lost with out it."

Phillip G. Goldfine. President and COO, Steamroller Productions, Inc.

This dynamic, high octane interactive seminar is based on the premise that You Were Born Rich and you have rich resources lying dormant within you, waiting to be developed. The development of those resources will cause the manifestation of prosperity and success in your life.

This seminar guides you through all the major principles you must understand in order to Unlock the Vast Wealth of Potential buried inside you.

You will learn and experience:

  • Why your life is the way it is and exactly how to recognise and make the changes necessary to live the life of your dreams
  • You will gain an understanding of how to live on a higher level of consciousness and how to successfully integrate the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical parts of your being
  • The Comfort Zone – what it is, why you must break out of it, and how to do it
  • Unleashing the Power Within You
  • What money is and how you can attract more of it
  • The Formula for Financial Freedom
  • How to Build Successful Images in your Mind that translate into magnificent results into your life
  • How to use the Natural Laws of the Universe, which include, The Law of Attraction and Vibration, for your maximum benefit.
  • The Fastest way to Change any limiting Habit
  • How to develop a Winning Self Image
  • The role of Faith in your Success
  • The best way to Release Powerful Emotions from your life
  • The method of developing The Razor’s Edge that will allow you to become a champion
  • The Vacuum Law of Prosperity – why you must release the old to make room for the new
  • The key concepts of Expect an Abundance, Being a Risk Taker and ‘Not Thinking in Reverse’
  • The keys to breaking through the ‘terror’ barrier that’s holding you back


It's Time To Stop Merely Bumping Shoulders With Your Potential. Your Potential Is Your Closest Friend And Partner In Life.

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